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Passionate about helping others…buyers, sellers, new agents

The quote in this photo has always been a favorite since I wrote my high school senior report on Henry David Thoreau. (Yes, I remember. But don’t ask what happenunnamed.jpged last month! LOL) I’m sharing this quote for two ladies who are working hard to get their career where they want it to be AND because it’s a favorite quote of mine.

Sometimes along the path of life, both personally and professionally, we can feel stuck, limited or not where we are meant to be. Sometimes it just takes time.

Though I was blessed to work for a great company while I was a single Mom all those years and needed a steady paycheck & benefits, there were a few folks I encountered over the years who “clipped my wings” so to say, but the two executives I worked for the longest were amazing cheerleaders and I was blessed to learn from the best.  I could only wish my health and my life had been better during those years. However, one of the best things about finally having life where it needs to be (health, happiness and home) and being in the career position I have always wanted to be in is the lack of restraints of having been told “No, you can’t do that, it’s not in your job duties.” Or “No, you can’t succeed at that because of [this or that]” and other chains felt from Corporate America over the years.

When one is living the life they imagined and doing what they are truly passionate about, the sky is the limit.  I had a great mentor once I made the move to Exit Realty, especially to Exit Realty Associates and I could not be more thankful.  I am working to be as good of a mentor to others as she has been to me.  It’s just another aspect of me loving to help others!  Face it…life isn’t about me, it’s about those around me and that is how I truly hope to live out the rest of my days…with the daily motivation that it’s all about those around me, those I come in contact with and perhaps, even those whom I have yet to meet!

Besides helping clients find a home and getting to hand them the keys, I absolutely LOVE helping others get started and mentoring others just starting out. I have been on cloud nine after seeing the joy, excitement and energy stemming from a new agent who has been working hard to make it happen and has recently had her first closing and has another one this month!  Mentoring a truly bright, energetic and motivated individual is an amazing experience. (Chris and Ralph would be proud.)

If you are considering a career in Real Estate, please give me a call today!

Offering Over List Price

Please see the article link below.  I feel this is a very good read… Especially since we are in a seller’s market right  now.
 Offer writing strategies or thought  processes may need to vary a bit when we find ourselves in a seller’s market vs a buyers market. Especially as competitive as ours has been recently.
I have had buyers who recently found themselves in a multiple offer situation.  I counseled them on much of what this article mentions (not using the accelerated clause, as I agree it can often cause a buyer to pay too much). I always run detailed comps on a house before having my buyers sign an offer, that way they know they are offering a good price, not over paying, and we know we are making an educated offer in hopes of avoiding appraisal issues.  We look at the net to the seller. If you offer list price but then ask the seller to pay all of your closing costs and leave items not normally left with the purchase of this home, it’s not truly offering them list price and most likely won’t put your offer at the top- not in today’s strong seller’s market.  Each case is different.  You need a professional who will do the research for you and help you make a smart offer, an educated offer.
I would be honored to assist you in finding your next home.  Please contact me today.

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“I won’t sell you a house, I’ll help you find a home!”  ~Michel
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Rutherford County TN Sales Stats

Happy 2016!  I hope the year is off to a great start for you all.  

I ran an activity report today for Rutherford County through Realtracs to give us all a quick summary of 2015.  The results are as follows:

Rutherford County, TN – Residential Sales Stats

Month of December 2015 

New Listings

  • New Listings    449
  • Average list Price $219,209

Closed Listings

  • Closed Listings:     432
  • Average Closed Price:     $215,201
  • Closed Price in comparison to List Price %:     98.99%
  • Average days on the market (listing date until closed):  55 days

Year End Summary 2015 

New Listings

  • New Listings    7,597
  • Average list Price $235,302

Closed Listings

  • Closed Listings:     5,402
  • Average Closed Price:     $208,985
  • Closed Price in comparison to List Price %:    98.77%
  • Average days on the market (listing date until closed):  54 days

Many blessings to you all in the new year!  Please contact me if I may assist you in meeting your 2016 goals of buying or selling a home in Middle TN.


Jamison Downs – Murfreesboro

More Stats on Jamison Downs per tax records:

Maximum current square footage:  3983
Maximum Sale Price:  $355,500
# of Sales in Last 2 Years:  12
Average Property Turnout:  5.77 Years

Map View from the Avenue to Jamison Downs:
To Jamison Downs.jpg
*data per CRS tax records

Hunters Point, Smyrna, TN

As I begin blogging about various neighborhoods in Rutherford and Williamson County, I come across Hunters Point.

Hunters Point in Smyrna, TN came across my thoughts recently as I had a discussion with a client considering the purchase of a home in Rutherford County.  She was hoping for easy access to the interstate, a short drive to work in Nashville, lot sizes less than 1/2 acre (but “not too tiny”), some trees and list prices less than $300,000.

The reason this came to mind, along with others is…Hunters Point is a neighborhood East of I-24 and just South of Sam Ridley (exit 66B).  Last year’s sales include 12 closed homes.  Stats from those sales are as follows:

Sale Prices from $175,000 – $279,000
Square Footage from 1602 – 3177
Built Year  1993-2007
Lot sizes from .27 of an acre to .41

Current listings range from $225,000 – $284,900
Schools for Hunters Point include Rock Springs Middle School and Smyrna High School.

Hunters Point may be an option for this family, but there are many other locations that may suite them…we’ll see what they prefer.
What about you? What Smyrna subdivision will be the location of YOUR next home?
Click here to search for your next Smyrna, TN home

a View from home: Part 2

a View from home: Part 2

Many of you may recall my post in March about a client who was planning to completely remodel a home.  Well, I have been told one county entity was recently on site and explained to him that he had done so much remodeling and so much was NEW on the home, that it would be considered in their records as a new build.  (yes, as it should be, the tax office and codes department have all been out for their inspections throughout the remodel process.)

I have asked him to provide me a list of everything new before we put this sweet home on the market.  He’s not quite ready to list the home, but I would like to brag on it for a moment.  Some of the new items this home has includes:

  • New Foundation with Vapor Barrier
  • New HVAC… Are you an allergy sufferer?  This HVAC has, as an added touch, a Safe Air Solutions system added for filtering dust & allergens, neutralizing odors & killing germs, virus and bacteria.
  • New Roof
  • New Front Porch
  • New Windows.
  • New Siding & Trim
  • New Light Fixtures
  • New Bathroom cabinetry and fixtures…AND an ALL new master bath with closet!
  • New Back Porch
  • and the list goes on. Yes, I accentuated NEW because there is just so much that is brand new.
Potential buyers will enjoy the relaxing porch over looking a peaceful half acre, viewable from the added breakfast room as well as the covered back porch.  One of my favorite little touches is the stained wood ceiling on the porches and the brick sidewalk.  The brick in the sidewalk comes from the original home built in the 1950’s and the wood for the porch ceilings are also reclaimed from the original home noted in this first photo. (I believe the wood was knotty pine that has been refinished for it’s new purpose.)

Before we make this home an active listing in the coming weeks, I will have more detail, but it is my understanding that this home has the bones and original wood floor of the 1950’s home, but just about everything else is new.  Just look at these photos!

He started with this…a home a local man was going to tear down.  A home that held memories for some and my client saw the potential.  So rather than tear it down, the owner allowed my client to have the home, but it could not stay where it stood.

We found a new location that needed to be cleared.  That one looked like this:

Destruction crews were hired, the burned structure cleared, trees removed and cleared.  Overgrowth in the back yard was cleaned out revealing a deeper yard and a beautiful, peaceful setting.  I have been told a new foundation was built and the erection of the new home begun.  The first photo above?  Well, brick was removed, the roof was removed, all those new items I mentioned have been added, and so much more.

(Please note:  My client bought the property as a new home site…only for the land.  The new home isNOT from the burned structure.  All aspects of the burned home were cleared and completely removed prior to the move and remodel of my client’s home.  This burned home once sat on the property where this quaint home is now located and each time I have been to the property to preview the progress, I am impressed and anxious to see the final product!)

Once the foundation was built, the lot was prepped, utilities tied off and also made ready for the future home, then the home in the first photo above was relocated to its new lot!  Today, the project is not yet complete as there are some interior touches to finish, but here is a little glimpse of the new home!  This home is being done in a more modern craftsman style with the owner/remodel being done in the hopes of having a bit of a 1930’s flair.  I absolutely canNOT wait until we have our first open house!

You’ll love the new master suite and the back porch!

And your View From Home?
Well, my next post will showcase the back yard where you will be able to relax and enjoy some quiet!  Keep following my blog for more updates!

(Originally posted on our company blog site, 9/10/15)