Smyrna, TN

Smyrna, TN – As any Smyrna Graduate may say Smyrna is                       “Home of the Bulldogs!”
Town of Smyrna Website:

As a Realtor® residing in Rutherford County, Tennessee and working mainly from my company’s Smyrna, TN office, I am often asked about the various areas in Rutherford County.  Today, I was asked some information about Smyrna.

Other than the typical sharing of some popular restaurants in the area, making note of and Hospital being close to the interstate- right off exit 66, noting there are several churches, explaining where schools are, commenting that Nissan is known to be the largest employer in Smyrna, etc. …

I also pulled up a couple different websites that gave some data and here is what I found.

  • The town was originally settled in the 19th Century.
  • The population tripled from 1970 to 1980.
  • Per, the 2014 population was 40,118 people. They further state this represents a 39.37% growth since 2000.
  • In discussing home sales, also indicates home appreciation the last year was 9.10 percent!
  • Lastly, their website indicates that compared to the rest of the country, Smyrna’s cost of living is 9.40% Lower than the U.S. average.
  • In 2007, US News and World Report listed Smyrna as one of the best places to retire.

I also ran some data on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  I found the following regarding recent home sales in Smyrna:

From 5/1/2104 through today and the average days on the market came in at 47 days for homes listed between $150,000-200,000.  It was 71 days for $200k-250K and for homes listed between $250 – 300K, the average days on the market was 48. (All price ranges had a decent number of homes closed since May 1!  And these totals did not delete short sales or foreclosures that may have longer than normal days on the market.  I did not include condos on this search.)

Property is selling and real estate is moving in Middle TN!  Smyrna Homeowners considering a sale? Contact me for a FREE Market Analysis of your home with no obligation to list!

You may also like to view my website, and browse homes listed.  If you wish to check out the free valuation link the site provides for you and I both, please do so…simply look for “seller” at the top left of the home page.  PLEASE know this is an automated link without the ability to run what we call a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that will be complete and specific to your location.  I have found this link is often high, but it is provided as an estimate if you are curious.  If you’d prefer a specific CMA, — it’s FREE and there is no obligation, please contact me.  I’m here to help!

Photo I took in May of 2014 at the Sam Davis Home in Smyrna, TN
Photo I took in May of 2014 at the Sam Davis Home in Smyrna, TN

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Murfreesboro, TN

Murfreesboro, Tennessee!!

Home of Middle TN State University, Murfreesboro is right in the middle of the great state of Tennessee.  It is the county seat of Rutherford County, TN.  Murfreesboro is rich in Civil War History with places to visit such as the Stone River National Battle Field, Oaklands Historic Mansion, etc.

Families and individuals alike, are often found walking, riding bikes and walking the dog on the Greenway, a paved walking path following the river and expanding across town.  It’s just one of the many things that make Murfreesboro a great place to live.

Population estimate in 2011 was 111,327

Home ownership rate from 2007-2011 was 55.3% with the state of TN being 69.0%.  (I wonder if that is due to such a large college population in Murfreesboro?)


Population in 2011: 109,240. Population change since 2000: +58.7%

Estimated median household income in 2009: $46,733 (it was $39,705 in 2000)

Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with mortgages in 2009: $1,508 (0.9%)

Nearest city with pop. 200,000+: Nashville-Davidson, TN (29.1 miles , pop. 545,524)

Unemployment in August 2012: Murfreesboro – 7.4%, Tennessee – 8.3%

MLS stats:

I ran a search today for homes listed from $150,000 – 170,000 and went back to 7/1/2014.  Of the 41 homes in pending status (waiting to close), the average days on the market was 40 days.

51 homes in that same price range have closed since July 1st and had been on the market an average of 60 days until they closed.  38 of the closed homes were built between 2000 & 2014.

Keep in mind, I have not deleted any possible short sales or foreclosures from this search and both my cause the average days on the market to be a bit longer.

If you are interested in knowing what the current sales stats are in your price range, neighborhood, or town, please let me know.  A Comparative Market Analysis is a free service with no obligation to list your home.  Call me today at 615-653-1137!
Photo I took at the end of my street – North side of Murfreesboro. Taken in 2014 with my iPhone

Security For Your Home While It Is Listed With Me!

While showing houses to clients in the past, I have seen something that concerns me as I enter the homes I am showing.

Combo Lockboxes.  Granted, they are more cost efficient for a Realtor than our other option and once, were all we had available to us.
It’s not the fact that they are used (and I do own one myself)…It’s that as I get up to the home, ready to enter the combination of four numbers needed to access the home, I sometimes find the code is already on the box and the box is ready to open.  This can happen when the last person who accessed the home did not clear the code by mixing the numbers up after they reinsert the key in the box as they leave.  When I arrived for a few showings and found this was the case, all I had to do was hit the button and boom – there is the key.  Not Very Secure, right?  

When I list your home, it will be marketed to thousands of consumers and I want your home safe!  When I list your home, it becomes a home advertised on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) throughout all of Middle TN.  I will explain during a listing presentation, that your home will also be marketed to consumers via MANY websites across the country.  With the majority of buyers beginning their home search on line, it is of the utmost importance that we advertise your home in as many places as possible on the internet.

While marketing my listings, reaching thousands of real estate agents and consumers, I want my client’s home to be as secure and safe as can be!   

Electronic Lockboxes are the key to your security.   I have also seen many For Sale By Owner homes in Middle TN using combo boxes.  

Combo boxes are a single step of protection for you.  These boxes have one code that is needed to access the key to your home.  Anyone with that code can get into your home at any time.  The code can be shared.   It is simply a series of four numbers to choose from and the lockbox is opened. 

Our Electronic Lockboxes provide double the protection.  These boxes are accessed by an access card only a professional owns.  Our cards must be renewed on a WEEKLY basis using secure sign on IDs.  Not only do we enter the card into the box, we also have to enter a code after we enter our card.  

WAIT!  That’s not all.  Not only do folks entering your home have an extra step to take to gain access, I can also run a report showing WHO has entered your home.  If we ever question whether a showing took place or need to confirm who entered the home, thanks to these electronic codes, I can pull a report telling us who entered and when.   

want nothing but the best for my clients and as your listing Agent, when I place the electronic lockbox on your home, I am telling you that your home and security are important enough for me to have invested in a better lockbox.  

If you are looking to sell your home in Middle TN, be it MurfreesboroSmyrnaChristiana,LascassasBell BuckleFranklinLaVergneMt. JulietNashvilleAshland City, etc etc. and want YOUR home marketed by an agent who will do more than just put a sign in the yard AND who will care about your home’s security, please contact me today.  

There is a lot more to getting it sold that putting a sign in the yard and placing it on the MLS.  

Don’t contact me to sell your home.                                                                             ………Contact me to MARKET your home to its next owner! 

Are You Burning Money?

Burning Money or Saving Money?  Which is better?

I grew up in a Real Estate household.  My Mother became a Realtor when I was in Kindergarten.  My parents often purchased homes that were foreclosed on then remodeled and resold them.  I was proud of them both and I learned a lot from them over the years.  One thing I remember my Dad always saying was that owning a home was better than renting.  He has a strong belief in home ownership.  At certain points in my life, I argued his belief – like moving to a new town and not knowing the good side of town vs the bad side of town and afraid to buy in the wrong area.  One thing he always instilled in us & others was that in many cases, you can buy a home for equal to or less than you are paying for rent.  And in Middle TN, this can prove to be very true!

But will the purchase of a home give you more yard than the apartment you are renting or equal to or more yard as the town home you are renting? Is it possible to buy a home with as much or more square feet than your apartment and not pay anymore?  The answer was usually Yes.  Maybe it’s a starter home, with less square footage than your parent’s home or a smaller yard, but it would still be YOURS and provide equal to or better living space and yard than many rentals. (Maybe a large yard and the upkeep is not what you want and maybe that is why you choose to rent.  That’s where purchasing a townhouse or other homes with maintenance free exteriors may be a good idea — And yes – in Middle TN, you can buy a townhouse for lesthan you may rent one.  Also, if you are concerned with maintenance, ask me about a Home Warranty!)

The question to be asked is:  Whose savings account do you want to add to – Yours or a strangers?
If we rent, the landlord is having us pay his mortgage and probably a little more than just his mortgage payment otherwise he’s only breaking even.  AND by making that payment for him each month, aren’t we helping to pay down the amount he may owe on the home/building?  AND by doing so, the landlord is gaining equity in his home.  

The same can be said for us – if we buy a home, as we make our payments, the amount of money we owe on that home is decreasing.  Assuming we don’t hit another recession and the real estate market drops, as you make a payment on your home, you are going to start gaining equity.  My Dad taught me that equity in a home is like a savings account.  When the time comes to sell the home, you will make money.  He would give some mathematical examples and then say, Now- how long would it take you to save that much in your savings account at the local bank while you pay for your rent?  AND there would be no way I’d save that amount of money.  I have owned and sold several homes of my own over the years and with each, his theory was right on.  

So, I ask YOU – whose savings account do YOU want to deposit into today?  If you are currently renting and feel as if home ownership could not happen for you, please contact me and allow me an opportunity to show you some rent vs own comparisons.  I also know a few great lenders who can help you see if you are qualified to buy.  Don’t count yourself out — you may be more in a position to buy than you think.  I made that mistake once.  I was a single Mom and didn’t think I could buy anything at the time.  Contact me….I’ll be glad to share my story with you on purchasing a home and the equity I gained in that home after just three years … and then help you do the same! 

{Definition of ‘Home Equity:  The value of ownership built up in a home or property that represents the current market value of the house less any remaining mortgage payments. This value is built up over time as the property owner pays off the mortgage and the market value of the property appreciates.}

Don’t let your monthly payment to a landlord be like burning money…
allow YOUR money to work for YOU, not a landlord and start saving money today by creating equity in your OWN home!