A Secret I Have Kept from Clients

I have gotten a tad behind on updating this website with blogs, community information, testimonies/references, etc.  I apologize to those who use this site as a reference.  I have been rather busy the last month with clients and just didn’t take the time to update as I should.  On October 2nd, I posted a blog on my company website, but never posted it here as I usually do.  Here is that blog.  It is worth sharing, I believe.

I have a secret I have been keeping from my clients.  I may offend some for admitting it and may even lose a client or two, but I am who I am and I can’t change that.

You see, I believe God has a plan for all of us and when we are facing what is often one of life’s biggest changes – a move – sometimes things don’t always go smoothly, sometimes the perfect home for a buyer doesn’t seem to appear immediately, perhaps we don’t find a buyer for the home we are selling as quick as we had hoped, or worse yet – financing hits a road block or another party in the deal is difficult to work with, etc. etc.

I feel my role as a Realtor® is all about taking care of people.  Our clients rely on us to fight for them, to represent them as we promised when signing our agreement (and a GREAT agent will go above & beyond), to communicate often and keep them up to date on each step of the process.  To me, it’s not a sales job, it’s helping others.  I am passionate about helping others and absolutely LOVE being a Realtor®!   Yes, it’s about helping others and sometimes, it may be a bit about being an anchor for a family during an important step when things get tough.

Monday night, I received word that we have the clear to close on a deal that has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for my buyers.  They have had some rough waters to navigate through on their steps to owning a home together.  In the meantime, their family of 5 and sometimes 7 at home, plus 7 pets were living in a small to average sized three bedroom home on .17 of an acre with no fence to allow the pets to roam freely even if the space was small.  They had been renting for a few years and desired a home of their own, with more space and land.  We started the journey together over a year ago and found a home with a large back yard.  They were excited,  they  had a pre-qualification letter from a lender they chose and the seller was great to work with, as was the listing agent.  The contract was moving along smoothly.  The seller had just ordered a brand new refrigerator to place in the home per the contract and all was going great.  Until the day we received word that my buyer’s financing fell through and it was one item that could not be cleared up without waiting for nearly another year.

They worked hard over the next 11 months to get their credit as clean as possible and waited for this one item to fall off the credit charts.  We hoped they had done everything to correct the financing hurdles and were thrilled to receive a pre-qualification letter again-this time trusting it would be a different story.  Yet, it was a tad nerve wrecking for them, as they feared the worse would happen again despite all their work and a lender who was working hard on their behalf.  I encouraged them to have faith and once we were under contract for the home on a beautiful piece of land that as they stated, was “the home and setting of their dreams”, I instructed them to provide the lender with anything they asked for and to do so without delay.  They did so, responding to each and every request by the lender with lightning speed.  Yet, with almost each request from the lender, I received a call of concern.  It was clear that each call from their lender that was not “you have a clear to close” was nerve wrecking and perhaps a tad stressful to my buyer.  I understood; that was me some years ago and I get it.  I reminded them they had worked super hard this last year and had done everything the lender asked of them.  I encouraged them to have faith and reassured them the lender was asking for these items to fulfill the request of the underwriter and to just keep making sure NO MATTER WHAT was asked to be submitted, to just submit it and do so in a timely manner.  I joked with them and arose a chuckle by saying, if the lender asks for a sample of your blood, give it to them.  Just get them whatever they ask for and keep having faith.” – They did so and I am so proud of them.  I fear they felt I was a broken record when I kept saying, Just get it to them and have faith.”

THEN, when the seller attempted to back out for multiple personal reasons, I explained to the listing agent that while I sympathized, the sellers chose to vacate their home and then put it up for sale.  There was no seller contingency on the listing or the contract so there was no “escape clause” by the seller stating, “we are only selling this IF we find another home or IF we don’t get sick”, so legally, my buyers were ready to keep moving forward.  I explained to the listing agent my buyers had their own personal reasons why they were not going to simply say, “Oh ok” and walk away.  I was first told the sellers story again and that this is just how it was going to be.  Sympathetically, yet stubbornly as some may say, I took the stance of No, that is not how it was going to be.  We were not just walking away and letting it be at that.  This was just not acceptable to my buyers nor was it acceptable to me.  I fought for my clients and stood up for their legal rights per our contract.  We were back on track with the contract after a few emails and phone calls!  The lender gave us an estimated time in which they felt they could have the closing documents were ready and it was once again smooth sailing.

The bumps in the road added stress and concern.  I knew my buyers were not going to relax until the keys were in their hands.  The lender had many documents and statements they requested right near the end and again, I could be quoted as saying, “just get it to them and have faith”.

Has it been a long few years for this family while they rented and longed to be in a home of their own with land and space for their entire family and pets?  Yes.

Has it been a heart wrenching year as I walked this journey with them and saw their dreams put on hold once due to financing, then guided them through a couple of months while they were in fear that it may happen again or even worse yet, afraid the seller backing out was going to keep them from their dream?  Yes.

But we have walked this path together and I am SO proud to say we closed on their home this week!  Thank you to a great title company for fitting us in at the last minute when docs weren’t received from the lender in time and thanks to the lender for following up with their folks to make this happen.

Yes, I work hard to make sure I know the legal terms of our contract and of course, I fight for my clients!  I am blessed to help families along the way, to have the joy of walking an important journey with a family as they find their next home or sell a home so they can move onto the next step along the way.  I work hard; I research information, work to stay in touch with the lender, keep up on inspection and other contract deadlines and…

My secret?…I pray for my clients and I have faith. 

It’s not a sales job.  It’s a people job