“a VIEW from home” part 1

There was a home that burned about a year ago.  It became inhabitable after the fire spread.  The home was left as is, belongings inside turned to ash, clothes and photo frames charred to black, nothing left usable in the home and I can only assume it’s only apparent use was to decorate its neighborhood in a way most would prefer it not.  A few things remain intact; charred walls, a large magnolia tree in the front yard and a foundation. Time came and went.  Christmas has come and gone, the Christmas décor was still out in the shed, but sadly not used.  Rain, wind, sleet and hail all added to the ashes and rubble.  Yet under all the rained on ash and burned belongings of someone’s past home there is still a foundation and a piece of land with grass & trees. 

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The thing I love most about being a Realtor® is the various ways we can assist others in making their dreams come true.  Sometimes it’s helping a family purchase their first home, sometimes it’s introducing someone to your town and helping them make the transfer to a new city, community and environment; other times it is helping to sell a home before the next stage of one’s life, etc. etc.  I have said it before, but following in my Mother’s footsteps and having a career I love is truly a joy to me and helping others is the reason I love what I do!

I kicked of 2015 by listing a home for a couple who were wanting to purchase a home that would better accommodate a growing family.  During this process, I was introduced to one of their friends.  This friend shared with me his interest in flipping homes and his experience in doing home repairs.  He continued to share with me that he had basically been gifted a home.  Gifted a home that was built in Murfreesboro, TN in the 1950’s.  A solid home with wood floors that had been covered by carpet since way before my time!  His plan was to update and remodel this home.  The catch?  He had to have the home moved to a new location within a small amount of time or the home would be demolished.  He explained all he had been through in the search for a buildable lot and how he had not found anything.  I agreed to help him on his mission to find a small piece of land that would perk for a minimum of three bedrooms, one without restrictions so he could move this home, one that was available for purchase before the allotted time was up and one that was located within a small vicinity of where the home currently stood, as the size of home would not allow it to be moved far.   I love a challenge and know that nothing shall be impossible when it’s meant to be.  My continual belief is to have faith.

He and a friend kept knocking on doors, asking around, checking listings.  I made calls, sent messages and ran searches for available listings of lots, land and even land with an old home on it that perhaps needed to be demolished, etc.  At one point, we wrote an offer on a property and knocked on the door hoping to catch the owner at home.  We called, left my business card, etc. — hoping that since the lot was not being used and had not been for a while, she may be willing to sell.  At one point, it looked like it may be a go, but unfortunately she did not want to sell.  Several lots or pieces of land were found, but were too far for the home to be moved or had restrictions which would not allow this project to move forward.

On a Tuesday late in February, I phoned my client and indicated I was having little luck in locating something that fit his needs.  He stated he had exhausted all options also and that due to running short on his deadline to move the home, he had pretty much given up.  He continued to say he had moved forward on the idea of selling parts of the home that may be of interest to someone for reusing and recycling.  I knew this project was a big deal to him and had seen the passion he had in it.  I was sad to hear him say he was moving on from the dream.

Just a few hours later — the SAME day — he contacts me and says, “It’s ON!”  Someone I believe he may have contacted before we met, reached out to him after almost a month of no response and stated they would indeed sell their property. Keep in mind, this was a Tuesday evening.  I drew up contracts and we were to close on or before Friday.  On Wednesday, we learned there was a hurdle to jump before being able to close.  Thursday came and we were still unsure of what our outcome would be.  Again – “Have faith!”  Several calls, prayers and texts later by my client and by myself, we had our answer.  The details are quite unique, but I believe almost any hurdle can be jumped.  That Friday, I drove about an hour to have legal documents signed, came back to Murfreesboro, TN and we closed!

One week later…that overgrown magnolia tree and it’s charred, house full of ashes are making room for a piece of history to be moved to its new loGreenviewcation.  A solid, 1950’s home being loved and made new!  A piece of land with a solid foundation, some grass and trees will soon make home for one man’s dream turned reality. 

I’m anxious to see this piece of history saved, one home burned, replaced by another and in doing so, keeping a good home from being demolished. In today’s throw away mind set, we can never be encouraged enough to “reduce, reuse and recycle”, though it is not often we see this concept put to use on an entire home!  This 195Adcock House0’s home that is soon to be moved, remodeled and made like new with a large private lot, close to parks and schools with easy access to shopping and commute.  The hand carved oak, and solid wood floors that were covered by carpet for many decades…the great bones of a home.  I don’t know about you, but having seen both homes  and walked inside, I can see the vision and cannot wait to see this home come to life again and a piece of land put to good use.  This is where it starts and I can’t wait to see how it ends up.  The transformation will be a joy to watch!

AND…in a few months, this sweet home may be available to be YOUR next home!

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