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A couple of years ago, I took the pledge to ask all clients “Did you Serve?”.
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Did You Serve is an initiative to help make sure all Veterans know about their VA benefits for purchasing a home. I have since assisted several families in purchasing a home with a $0 down payment using their VA benefits.  It has been a true joy AND an honor to work with each of these families.  They have all touched my life and I am blessed to now consider them friends.

The problem we run into is that many people are not familiar with the VA Loan Process.  And even after 7+ years of handling VA purchases, I am still learning!  

With each and every transaction I have that is a VA loan, I have learned something new.  The start of my VA loan knowledge came from becoming part of the Did You Serve Initiative a few years ago.  In addition, I have a couple of great lenders who are very knowledgeable in this area and they have provided me with necessary information to better serve my clients.  I am also taking a class to provide more knowledge and added credentials. I never want to stop learning.

I recently had a client speak to a listing agent without me present and she recommended a lender – whom he called for additional information on his VA Loan or the qualification process.  He was given misinformation and it almost cost him a home.  

Long story short, my client did not end up purchasing that home (though he initially liked the home) nor did he use that lender.  He actually already had a lender…a great lender who got him pre-approved for a loan in just one business day after the client and I phoned for proper info.  He sure seemed thrilled to have a better outcome and we have since submitted an offer on another home – with more square footage and a gorgeous setting!  

*Lesson 1:  Be sure you speak to a qualified lender and if you need a second opinion, get one within 30 days. (Yes, you can shop around for a mortgage, but don’t do so over a long period of time.  Check with a couple of lenders in the same month if you need to look elsewhere like my client did.)*

*Lesson 2:  If you have a Realtor or have been referred to a Realtor to serve as your Buyers Agent, speak to him or her rather than a listing agent who is representing the seller. (This takes us to the importance of a Buyers Representation Agreement.  I’ll write about that soon and come back here to provide a link!)*

Back to the VA Loan Process…

Today, I ran across this link.  I am not suggesting this company, I have not looked into their product or anything of the sort, but I did listen to this video (there is nothing to watch really) and I thought others may benefit from the knowledge shared.  Watch Video: Top Ten Things To Know About A VA Loan

dys-badge-ask-me-250px-transp.png Did YOU Serve?  
Or do you know someone who did?Please listen to the video and share this blog link with others you know who may be ready to purchase a home using their VA benefits. I’d be honored to assist you in your home purchase!

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