Things I Love About Middle TN

Things I Love About Middle TN

I relocated to TN from Northern Illinois in July of 2005.  When I moved here, I knew only my two daughters that moved with me.  My move was basically a corporate move; I was working to provide a better lifestyle for my children.  Little did I know I would truly find a new home.  My parents and their family were originally from the South, but moved to IL for a better life many decades ago when all of the manufacturing was going on up North.  There was something in me at a very young age that called out to me and was pulling me South.  I never felt like I belonged where I was and but I DO feel like I belong here in TN. I feel HOME.

So many times family, friends and clients ask why I like it here so much.  I can list many reasons, but for me it’s simply that I feel at peace here.  Some of the other things I love about Middle TN:

  • Less harsh winters
  • Being a day’s drive from SO many great vacation spots, long weekend get-aways and back to family.
  • No state income tax
  • Much lower property tax than where I was living before
  • Friendly People
  • State Parks and hiking opportunities
  • Waterfalls
  • Scenery in general
  • The History.  Middle TN is FULL of history.
  • The wonderful down-home places to dine, like Bell Buckle Cafe, Miller’s Grocery, Puckett’s, Loveless Cafe, The Chocolate Covered Strawberry, etc.
  • Lakes, Picnics
  • Great High School Sports and wonderful travel ball opportunities
  • I found my family roots trace back to about an hour from where I live now.  So I often say, “I’ve returned to my roots!”.  (Yes, I do a lot of genealogy research and LOVE it!)
  • Being an amateur photographer, the photo opps are endless and the season for photographing family outside without freeeeeezing is a lot longer than when there are below zero temps and feet of snow.
  • Church – there’s plenty of them, so find one that suits your beliefs.
  • Music
  • The Predators, The Nashville Sounds and the Titans (though I remain a Bears’ fan, too…my apologies on that one!)
  • College Football…it’s HUGE…if you aren’t into College Football, you either will be or you will be finding something else to occupy your time in the fall…most likely, alone.

I could go on.  I truly do love my state and am proud to now call Tennessee HOME.



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