Who is this Crazy Real Estate Lady?

Someone once asked me, “Just what made you think moving to TN was a smart choice?  What made you think it was a good career move?”  He went on to say what he meant was because I had left a place where I had built a professional reputation and people knew who I was.  Here in TN, when I first arrived in 2005, I knew NOBODY and nobody knew me. I didn’t know how to respond, especially given the atmosphere in which that question was asked.  That was at my last career… Where I had spent a total of 17 years and that conversation occurred in my first 15 months or so of being here in TN.
I suppose the same is true for real estate.  I could have been a Realtor where I was raised, where my Mother has been licensed since 1976, where I have a ton of relatives, friends and church members, where one brother is an insurance agent, one owns his own plumbing company and where I have a cousin who is an electrician and business owner…it goes on…my sphere of influence is huge there… where my maiden name is known & I have deep roots. But my life is here now, I LOVE Middle TN and I am building my own name & reputation.  I work hard, have strong ethics and pray I am building a solid reputation for myself.   In time, maybe I will have built my reputation strong enough so I would have a good comeback to the question I was asked about why I thought moving was a good career move.
In the meantime….Who IS this crazy real estate lady?  Here’s a little about me.   “My Real Estate Journey” Blog Entry
I hope it helps. If not, just ask!  In short, I’m a just a girl who loves her family, loves the Lord and loves being in the career she’s always wanted to be in and has been blessed with thee best clients!
Oh and p.s.
…. My response to this man’s question was that mine had been a move of faith… Following where I felt led to be and where I felt I could give my daughters (then 9 & 12) a better life.

Michel Ann Maroney

My Mother became a licensed Real Estate Agent in 1976. At the time of this posting, July 2014, she is still licensed. She has been my mentor and has set a great example of how to care for your clients!
My Mother became a licensed Real Estate Agent in 1976. At the time of this posting, she is still licensed. She has been my mentor and has set a great example of how to care for your clients!

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