How can you find the best Realtor to sell your house ?

I have been known to say, “Don’t call me to SELL your house, contact me to MARKET your home to its next owner.”   Unlike some average agents, I will do more than put a sign in the yard, post on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and wait for a buyer.

Please contact me to schedule your free, no obligation pre-listing appointment today.  Given an opportunity to discuss with you the possibility of becoming your listing Agent, I will outline many of the steps that will be taken to personalize a marketing strategy for your home.

Looking for the best Realtor to sell your house ?  Please give me a call and let’s talk about YOUR goals and how I may help you reach those goals!  I can’t say I’m the best… in fact, it’s just not me to say such a thing.  However, I can say I will give you nothing but MY BEST.


For Sale By Owner?  Feeling the weight of trying to sell your home on your own?  Let me ease the load by doing the marketing and showings for you!  With the security of electronic lockboxes and an agent who will do more than put a sign in your yard and wait for showings, I’ll work with you to give you the ability to enjoy your home while you are still there!   Please contact me today for a free market analysis and to set up a no obligation listing presentation.  By allowing a few moments of your time to explain all I have to offer as a listing agent and to show you just what sets myself and my company apart from the average agent, I am confident we can ease the load of you trying to sell your home on your own and at the same time, give you the security of knowing you have an International company having your back!

Thorough Internet Coverage!  Did you know that by listing your home with a Real Estate Agent who markets your home on the MLS, your home may be seen on these sites?  Again, I and Exit Realty of the South will do so much more for you.  My listing presentation is free, no pressure and no obligation, if you would like to meet and discuss what I can do for you, please contact me today!

WOW!  Check out all of these websites your home may be seen on!

WOW! Check out all of these websites your home may be seen on!

Food for thought:  Did you realize, “EXIT” is the most advertised name in the world?  Think about it…what word is above every door in a public establishment?  With that, the idea of this word brings about the thought of a safe passage.   Why not allow EXIT to be the name on a sign in your front yard and trust an Exit Realty of the South Agent to assist you in a clean, safe, passage from your current home onto your future home?! 

I welcome the opportunity to talk to you, again at no obligation.  I am available 7 days a week, please do not hesitate to contact me!