I have the BEST buyers!  Be it first time home buyers or those looking for a retirement home, every buyer I have worked with has been a blessing and my goal is to be the same in return! I have worked with the buyer who needs to see many homes in a weekend to make their choice and have also worked with the buyer who looks occasionally for months.  Either way, I will stay in contact with you, sending you emails of current listings that may match what you are looking for in your next home so you are sure to not miss any of the new listings.  (log onto my website and the website can also send them automatically!)  I pride myself in being willing to go above and beyond to make my client’s dreams a reality.  Please contact me today and let’s get on our way to handing you the keys to your new home!

Thinking of buying a house in Murfreesboro TN  … or Smyrna, Christiana, Rockvale, Lascassas … or  Wilson or  Williamson County?

two_stick_figures_coffee_pc_1600_clr_3732First Time Home Buyer?  

Many first time home  buyers have talked to me and said, “I want to own a home but have no idea where to start…what does it take, what do I do?”  It has been a joy to sit with them either at my office or somewhere such as a local coffee establishment and explain everything that will take place along this journey of buying a home.   I would be thrilled to do the same for you.

Please contact me, I am available 7 days a week!  In the meantime, here is a brief summary that can be more thoroughly explained during our first meeting!

Steps to Buying a Home:

Unless paying cash, CONTACT A LENDER and begin the steps needed to become pre-approved for a loan.   A qualified lender will be able to assist you in evaluating your credit, determine if any “home work” needs to be done before you are ready to close on a home and provide you and your Realtor® with a pre-qualification letter.  (Pre-Qualification letter shows sellers you are serious and ready to purchase their home.)  If you do not have a lender, please contact me for a list of referrals.

CONTACT A REALTOR. A Realtor® will help explain everything to you in the home buying process.  One of my personal favorite things to do is to meet with first time home buyers and explain these steps in detail, assuring the buyers I’ll be available to them every step of the way.

Create a WISH LIST.  What is most important to you for y our new home?  What do you need in a new home and what would like to have?  (Need help getting started?  Call me and we can make a list together or contact me to send you a wish list form to fill out.)

Contact your Agent again and begin searching for a home.  Now the fun begins as you get to GO ON SHOWINGS!

With your Realtor’s® assistance, SUBMIT YOUR OFFER to purchase and stay in touch with your Agent throughout the NEGOTIATION PROCESS (he/she should work to help you get the best deal possible).

Discuss HOME INSPECTIONS with your Realtor®.  Get the home inspected by a professional as needed.  Your Agent will then continue any necessary contract documentation and possible further negotiations.figure_with_keys_1600_clr_4451

Stay in touch with your lender and work quickly if there is anything the lender asks of you to get you to closing.

Save the date for your HOME CLOSING and obtain the keys to your new home!

Additional Resource:  Home Buying Diagram